Cured Meat Products are something most of us take for granted and are often suspicious of at the same time. They come vacuum packed and we are told they may contain carcinogens, dubious animal parts and god knows what else. Most of us would have no idea how they are made and assume it is a modern manufacturing process far beyond the scope of your everyday cook. Even though many of these products have been made essentially the same way for centuries.

My name is Tim Stewart and for most of my 15 years as a chef they were a complete mystery to me too. But after I saw all the locally produced charcuterie on a trip to San Francisco a few years ago, I came home inspired. I started making all my own small goods and since then I haven't bought another commercially produced meat product.

This blog is a record of my journey into the world of Charcuterie. Hopefully it will de-mystify this ancient craft and make it a little less intimidating.