Air dried bacon

"Everything's better with bacon" is a phrase I'm getting tired of hearing. You hear it at least once in every season of top chef. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, I just wonder if some chefs use it as a flavour crutch. Like "I've got a weak menu idea, I know I'll infuse it with bacon!"

Perhaps my attitude is just a reflection of my wealth. Arrogant posturing from a bacon-rich snob. After all, I can't remember a time in the past 4 years I haven't had 4kg of home cured bacon kicking around in my fridge and freezer.

Perhaps this sounds appealing to you? You could have so much bacon it becomes a standard commodity in your life like butter or salt. It's very easy to achieve. Just make it a whole pork belly at a time. Don't mess around with piddly small pieces from the supermarket. Go large! Follow my green bacon recipe.

Once you've got that recipe down, I highly recommend hanging your just smoked bacon up to dry in your curing chamber. The one in the photos took one month. You can see the colour has darkened and deepened and its covered in glorious noble white mould! The flavour is really just a strengthening of all that was good about it before you aged it. After one month it doesn't develop any funky aged flavours just more depth. I had to scrape off a couple of small blooms of green mould, but by and large it took care of itself.

So buy that whole pork belly this weekend. Greed is good.

AuthorTim Stewart
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